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In case of high production capacity, the systems with spray lines are more economical. The parts moving as hung onto the conveyor in this system pass through active sections inside spray unit and react to the chemicals under proper time, pressure, flow and temperature. The length of the spray tunnel depends on the process to be applied and the conveyor speed.

Technical specifications
- The materials of the bath tanks and tunnel are manufactured by Cr-Ni, Black sheet-iron or polypropylene material according to the process to be applied.
- Tank walls are insulated by glass wool against heat loss and the tunnel walls are insulated by styrofoam and both are covered by electrostatic powder coated 1,2mm sheet-iron.
- Hot bath tanks are heated by hot water boiler and plate exchanger system or gas and liquid fuelled burner together with the thermo-blocked heating system according to the process.
- Stream discharge fans are installed on proper sections of the tunnel.
- The system is controlled by means of the main facility control board.


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