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The system consists of chemical tanks, drying tank, monorail winch system and the baskets. It is based on holding for a period of time equal to the process time upon dipping into the chemical inside the tanks. Its advantage compared to the spraying applications is that it provides equal cleaning and coating facility by penetrating onto each part of the materials equally (products such as pipes).

Technical specifications
- Tanks are manufactured as leakproof welded from Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet, black sheet-iron or polyprophylene material.
- Tank walls are insulated by glass wool against heat loss and covered by electrostatic powder coated 1,2mm sheet-iron.
- Hot bath tanks are heated by gas or liquid fuel operated hot water boiler or by electrical resistances.
- The system of mixing with compressed air is available for the bath tanks containing chemicals.
- Drying tank is heated by ECOSTAR branded CE certified liquid or gas fuelled burner or by electrical resistance cell.
- 1 ton capacity monorail crane and its construction are fixed to the system.
- The system is controlled by the main control board.

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