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Operation principle

These are natural gas and LPG operated systems. Electric resistances located inside panels increase the temperature up to 200°C approximately in 10 minutes and thermo switches deactivate resistances and provide gas inlet. Upon reaction of front surface with oxygen, flameless burning is attained at the rate of 99%. The temperature can increase up to 470-520°C on the front panel. Material’s surface temperature can be checked with the gas flow and conveyor speed. The energy generated is transferred to the part surface through IR waves. As a result of the reaction, environment-friendly water stream and carbon dioxide are emitted. It is discharged by the exhaust system existing in the oven.

Advantages of Infrared Systems
-Provides high thermal efficiency in short distance and firing in radiation form. For example; 6-8m infrared oven can be used instead of 32m conventional oven, which provides space advantage at the rate of 75%.
- Significantly reduces fuel cost by means of economic gas consumption.
-Available for painting in 2 different colors during powder paint applications.
-Its service life is 20.000 hours which means smooth operation for approximately 8 years.
-Not requires pre-heating before 1 hour as conventional ovens.
-Ensures safe operation environment and does not pose any fire risk in solvent medium.
-Provides capacity increase at the rate of minimum 30%.
-Ensures fuel saving in the medium term.
-Initiates gelling of the paint on the product properly and gives perfect results in cross-cut test.

Comparison between conventional and infrared ovens

Drying oven
10-12 m
10-12 min
2-3 m
2-3 min
Powder coating oven
18-20 m
15-20 min
5-6 m
5-6 min
Wet paint drying oven
20-30 m
20-30 min
3-5 m
3-5 min
Oven heating period
45-60 min
10-15 min


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