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Cardan type conveyors work on the basis of the cardan chain being moved along x, y and z axes in the guiding rails. Universal chains were produced as 180mm female carrier links and 220mm male guiding links, thus a total pitch of 400mm. Therefore, the axis clearances between the hangers are suitable to be used in 400mm and its powers. However, it is also possible to reduce the axis clearances between the hangers to 200mm and its powers by adding special type hanger pieces on male links in cases of obligation. Each pitch with a length of 400mm includes 4 carrier rollers and 4 guiding rollers. The rollers are of special structure and consecutive ball (nor enclosed and without cover) type that can work at 200°C. Standard rails are produced in 3-meter lengths. Two respective rails are connected to each other with flanges at a maximum distance of 500 mm. Standard inspection rails are 3m long and its detachable part from one side has a length of 500mm. Drive groups are of upper caterpillar type and they work on the basis of the system of moving the cardan chain by thrusting tabs that are fitted between 2 respective caterpillar chains. The torque limiter used in drive groups is used to protect both the conveyor and transportation materials as well as other units on the transportation lay-out during jams and constraints. The central lubrication units are capable to lubricate all rollers on horizontal and vertical axes in 1 tour of the cardan chain.


I-Beam type hanger conveyors which are generally used in various industries where heavy services are required and sensible transportation is not needed are also very important in today's technology. Apart from its robustness, it is also the preferred type of conveyor system because of its simple structure and less maintenance needs. It works on the basis of trolleys mounted on the chains moved by the drive units proceed along the NPI profiles to carry the hanger loads. The chains are also suitable along with vertical movements work on z axis in addition to the horizontal movements along x and y axes. Horizontal curves are produced in wheel and roller types in different sizes and angles, and the vertical curves are produced in diameters and angles that vary according to the trolley distances. The chains in these systems are composed of 3 pieces called side link, center link and pin which are made of forged high carbon steel. As the links of the chains are connected to each other without rivets, so that quite easy to assemble and disassemble. Trolleys are composed of 2 symmetrical bodies between which carrier flakes are connected and on which wheels are mounted. Rollers are special type conveyor ball bearings that can work up to 200°C. On the other hand, bodies are made of forged high carbon steel. Trolley ball bearing are lubricated by means of the greasing elements attached on the bodies. Drive units divide into two main groups; the first one is the caterpillar that moves along straight rails, and the second one is the angular type mounted on a curve rail. Caterpillar type drive groups have alternatives in stable and floating constructions with different powers. Similarly, the angular drive groups also have different types and powers such as stable and tension types on 90° or 180° curves.


This conveyor system moving on the floor and close to the floor is used in electrostatic powder coating and wet painting systems or as an assembly line. It is mostly applied in painting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastic products as generally allowed by the geometry of the product with the rotation motion. Due to the insufficient space of cardan spring clearance, not allowing for vibration and its quiet operation; cardan conveyors are used as floor conveyor lines. Rotation of the materials to be painted by adding special rails provides maximum efficiency in painting. It is possible to paint round and elliptical materials, plastic and metal accessories in floor conveyor systems.


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